New Solar PV Incentive for Irish Businesses

15 kWp Solar PV System installed on Herron Auto, Donegal.

Ministers Ryan and Coveney announce enhanced supports for business through Solar PV Scheme.

New funding ranges from €2,700 to €162,600 to support an even wider range of businesses to switch to solar.

This will typically support 20-30% of the investment cost, reducing payback to as little as 5 years.

New Solar PV Scheme enhancements will boost business investment in renewable energy generation.

The Government has announced approved amendments to the existing Non-Domestic Microgeneration Scheme, operated by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), to extend supports to a wider range of businesses and non-domestic applicants. This will be done through tiered grant supports for solar PV – for installation sizes greater than 6 kWp up to 1,000 kWp (1 MW) capacity.

The new range of installation sizes will cover a significant variety of businesses, from small local shops up to large manufacturing facilities. It will also be available for public buildings, sports clubs and community organisations. An installation size of 1,000 kWp equates to approximately 2,500 solar PV panels, which could be accommodated on a large factory or warehouse rooftop.

The joint proposal brought forward by the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, and the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, will see funds provided by way of transfer from the allocation for the Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS); to allow for an expansion of the existing non-domestic Solar PV supports. The amended scheme will operate on an introductory basis to the end of 2023 following which it will be assessed and subject to the normal budgetary process into 2024/2025. SEAI will implement the necessary changes and will open for applications under the amended scheme guidelines in mid July.

The Ministers and their officials have been working closely on potential policy interventions to help businesses decarbonise their energy use and reduce their costs. The updated scheme announced today will complement the objectives of the TBESS, in providing a solution to manage the impact of high energy prices. It will also provide a solution to mitigate this price volatility, whilst at the same time empowering those businesses to also be able to reduce their own emissions and support the local electricity grid.

The amended scheme will be available to businesses through SEAI from mid July 2023.

The updated grants will be as follows:

Up to 6kWp will remain unchanged up to €2,400, with an additional:
€300/kWp for each extra kWp installed between 7kWp -20kWp
€200/kWp for each extra kWp installed between 21kWp- 200kWp
€150/kWp for each extra kWp installed between 201kWp-1000kWp
This would mean that installations up to 1MW could be eligible for a grant of up to €162,600.

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