Discover Why Luxor Solar Panels Are the Best Choice for Your Home or Business in Ireland!


As the North West’s leading solar installation company, we pride ourselves on recommending the best solar panels available on the market. After extensive research and experience, we confidently recommend Luxor’s high-quality solar panels for residential and commercial applications.

Luxor’s solar panels stand out for their innovative features and proven performance, making them the ideal choice for maximising energy yield and long-term performance.

Here’s why Luxor’s solar panels are the best available on the market:

  1. Mono-crystalline vs. Poly-crystalline: Luxor solar panels use mono-crystalline technology, known for its higher efficiency compared to polycrystalline panels. Mono-crystalline panels convert sunlight into electricity more efficiently due to their single crystal structure.
  2. Bifacial Technology: Luxor solar panels feature bifacial technology, allowing them to generate electricity from both the front and rear sides of the panel. This design enhances energy production, particularly when installed at an angle for ground-mounted systems or on commercial roofs with high light reflection, such as those made by Kingspan.
  3. N-Type TOPCon Cells: Luxor solar panels use N-Type TOPCon cells, known for their high efficiency and low degradation rates. These cells offer better performance in high-temperature conditions, ensuring consistent output over the panel’s lifespan.
  4. Glass-Glass Design: Luxor solar panels feature a robust glass-glass design, offering increased durability and longevity compared to traditional glass-backsheet panels. This design also improves the panel’s resistance to environmental factors like salt mist, humidity and temperature fluctuations.
  5. Warranty: Luxor solar panels come with an industry-leading 30-year product and performance warranty. This warranty demonstrates Luxor’s confidence in the quality and reliability of their panels, providing peace of mind to customers.

Luxor’s commitment to quality and sustainability is further demonstrated by the recent EUPD Energiewende Award 23/24, where Luxor was recognised as a leading module brand in Germany’s energy transition. This award is a testament to Luxor’s dedication to providing innovative and reliable solar solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.

When it comes to choosing the best solar panel for your home or business, Luxor’s panels are the top choice in Ireland. Their superior performance, durability, and industry-leading warranties make them the ideal option for anyone looking to invest in solar energy.

Contact us today to learn more about our leading solar panel offering and how they can benefit your home or business.

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