Solar PV Installation Ireland

Through our head office in Sligo we are able to provide expert solar panel installation services across the North-West of Ireland. We operate within the region of Connacht and Ulster which includes county Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim, Donegal, Roscommon, Galway & Longford.


Your Home

With the introduction of the new Solar PV SEAI Grant there has never been a better time to go solar!

Your Business

The Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) means that businesses can rightly be rewarded for ‘going green’.

Your Farm

The TAMS II Grant allows you to utilise available roof space or land to generate your own electricity.

Why Solar PV?

The Benefits Associated With Solar PV Installation Include:


Generates Electricity

Solar panels that produce electricity are known as solar photovoltaic (PV). These panels generate electricity when exposed to light, allowing direct use in the home.

Battery Storage

Store excess electricity with a battery add-on, allowing you to later consume the stored energy when your demand exceeds the production of your panels.

Cheaper Energy Bills

Generating your own electricity with our Solar PV system, you can expect to save up to 70% on your electricity bills.

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

By installing a PV system you are doing you part to lower your carbon footprint and help protect the planet.

Electricity Reductions

Generate your own electricity with your very own Solar PV system, locking in your own electricity prices for 25+ years. On average, a solar PV system can save you up to €1100 per year on your domestic electricity bill. This will make a big difference to your household running costs, allowing you to save for what really matters.

What We Offer

You will receive a thorough assessment of your current energy costs and requirements. We will provide a detailed proposal taking into account all relevant factors including the following:




System layout & aesthetics


A realistic payback forecast


Save money and reduce your carbon footprint

Watch Mary's story about why she installed solar panels, and find out more about the benefits of solar power.

Examples of Grant Amounts

You receive €900 per kWp up to a maximum of €1,800 without battery storage. Add a battery and receive €600 for it as well being able to receive €300 per kWp up to a maximum of 2 kWp.

2.16 kWp Grid-Tied System

1,800/SEAI Grant
No Battery Storage
6 Panels
1 Inverter
Hot Water Diverter

More Info

3.6 kWp Hybrid System

2,880/SEAI Grant
Battery Storage
10 Panels
1 Hybrid Inverter
5.8 kWh HV Battery
Hot Water Diverter
More Info

4.32 kWp Hybrid System

3,000/SEAI Grant
Battery Storage
12 Panels
1 Hybrid Inverter
5.8 kWh HV Battery
Hot Water Diverter
More Info

Installing Solar PV with Solar Generation

Now that Solar PV systems are more affordable, we have a genuinely sustainable energy choice suitable for all of the people of Ireland. For your home, business or your farm, Solar PV technology can provide energy which will reduce your costs and your carbon emissions. Future proof your home or business from ever rising energy costs using this affordable, reliable & proven technology.

Firstly, Solar PV systems generate electricity and reduce the amount of electricity you import. Our systems have an average payback period of 7 years.

Employing a renewable energy system will enhance your BER (Building Energy Rating) and increase the value of your property.

With our design expertise, you can install monitoring and control systems that make your solar PV system more effective and allows you to understand how you use your electricity.

Solar PV systems have no moving parts and are essentially maintenance-free. The rain gives them a wash periodically.

When you register your details with us, we will give you a call to organise an appointment with one of our solar consultants. Have any questions? Contact us for prices and information for your home or business.

We will survey your home and give you a quote according to your requirements.

If you decide to go ahead with solar upon our consultants visit, a technical survey will be conducted before any installation and you’ll be consulted by our installations team on available installation dates that suit you.

Saving on energy bills, saving the planet and grants available to homeowners.

How it Works

We are a recognised premium installer for Solax. We install the X-Hybrid, X1 & X3 range of inverters. Check out our video which explains how the inverter works!

We source and supply a wide range of products

We source and supply a wide range of products

Daniel Madden
August 15, 2021.
I got a solar pv system from solar generation and I couldn't be happier. They were fantastic to deal with, made everything so easy and completely sorted out the grant for me. They also went through every aspect of their system and the fitting of them. I would highly recommend them
Ewelina P.
June 15, 2021.
excellent service Quick contact, excellent service, you answered all our questions-thank YOU, we recommend your services to everyone
Aidan Browne
June 9, 2021.
Very good to deal with and quick replies to queries. system up and running in a day.
June 8, 2021.
Premier League Company providing Top Notch Installation From the initial approach to final installation as well as subsequent follow up Solar Generation have been first class ! A very competitive tender with superb install , all in less than a day we now have 12 top quality solar panels which are generating enough electricity to run the whole house as well as charging our electric car ! Electrician Raymond and roofer Steven along with their apprentices were professional and did an excellent job ensuring the house was left in an immaculate condition at completion , this was very much appreciated! Technical specifications and subsequent performance monitoring has been seamlessly handled by Conor from the offices in Sligo . We find the handy Solax cloud app extremely good it seeing real time charging and usage by all appliances in the house and can’t wait for the government to allow the excess electricity pushed to the grid to be recompensed back to us ! All in all Solar Generation is premier division and it’s a win win decision to go Solar !
Margaret Jackson
May 12, 2021.
We found Solargeneration an extremely efficient company from the time we first contacted them to the completion of the installation . We could not be happier with the results of the PV panels and the zappi charger . Robert and Margaret Jackson
Daniel Browne
May 12, 2021.
Exceptional service, delivered a great easy to use very efficient system and interface all done on time in budget and with no messing - delivered above expectation
May 10, 2021.
Very clean job done within the timeframe Thinking about solar pv and enquired and talked with many companies and finally we chose Solar Generation from our locality. Asked many things on my initial phone call the team was very friendly and explained very well, wasn't sure about it how it's going to work in this weather that's the main concern but when I see now, we have done the right thing. The installation took only one day and commissioned on the same day very clean job. I'm glad I choose the right people.
May 5, 2021.
From my first call with the team I knew I was working with a professional outfit. We discussed configuration and performance, the quote was competitive, and the annual generation report was much more comprehensive than others. The system is an 6kW battery (single 5.8kWh) system, where it's possible (with changes in user behaviour) to have battery power through the night and near 100% self-generation (in the right conditions). Installation was pain free and the performance so far is impressive. Like many others I'm not an eco-warrior but I am keen to do my part in carbon reduction. Future steps will be to add a Zappi charger (reduce petrol/diesel use), us the system to power an ASHP (avoid kerosene use).
Eamon Murphy
May 3, 2021.
The solar energy system has been installed for less than 3 weeks now and its quite a revelation! It took the engineers less than 5 hours to do the job- in just before 9am and finished by lunchtime.No fuss, no mess.They were very efficient.Grid energy use is down by 95%.We're currently using about 1kw per day from the grid- about 15cents.We have got used to the constant hot water too.Frustratingly, with all the sunny weather I have exported 98kw of spare electricity back to the grid.Thats about 350 miles if I had a phev or electric car.I will be getting a zappi car charger in the near future!The system is very easy to monitor on an app that the electrical engineer will install on your mobile phone.If you are living in the north west and thinking about a solar energy system for your home I would highly recommend Solar Generation
Jo Maes
May 3, 2021.
Great service and prompt delivery. Immediately after restrictions were lifted, the guys were there. They did a stellar job both in our clubhouse and on the roof. It was installed before we knew it and we're glad we are now contributing our little bit to fight climate change and take advantage of a natural resource. Great job guys, can't recommend you enough.

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