Solar PV Installation Ireland

Through our head office in Sligo we are able to provide expert solar panel installation services across the North-West of Ireland. We operate within the region of Connacht and Ulster which includes county Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim, Donegal, Roscommon, Galway & Longford.


Your Home

With the introduction of the new Solar PV SEAI Grant there has never been a better time to go solar!

Your Business

The Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) means that businesses can rightly be rewarded for ‘going green’.

Your Farm

The TAMS II Grant allows you to utilise available roof space or land to generate your own electricity.

Why Solar PV?

The Benefits Associated With Solar PV Installation Include:


Generates Electricity

Solar panels that produce electricity are known as solar photovoltaic (PV). These panels generate electricity when exposed to light, allowing direct use in the home.

Battery Storage

Store excess electricity with a battery add-on, allowing you to later consume the stored energy when your demand exceeds the production of your panels.

Cheaper Energy Bills

Generating your own electricity with our Solar PV system, you can expect to save up to 70% on your electricity bills.

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

By installing a PV system you are doing you part to lower your carbon footprint and help protect the planet.

Electricity Reductions

Generate your own electricity with your very own Solar PV system, locking in your own electricity prices for 25+ years. On average, a solar PV system can save you up to €1100 per year on your domestic electricity bill. This will make a big difference to your household running costs, allowing you to save for what really matters.

What We Offer

You will receive a thorough assessment of your current energy costs and requirements. We will provide a detailed proposal taking into account all relevant factors including the following:




System layout & aesthetics


A realistic payback forecast


Save money and reduce your carbon footprint

Watch Mary's story about why she installed solar panels, and find out more about the benefits of solar power.

Examples of Grant Amounts

You receive €900 per kWp up to a maximum of €1,800 without battery storage. Add a battery and receive €600 for it as well being able to receive €300 per kWp up to a maximum of 2 kWp.

2.16 kWp Grid-Tied System

1,800/SEAI Grant
No Battery Storage
6 Panels
1 Inverter
Hot Water Diverter

More Info

3.6 kWp Hybrid System

2,880/SEAI Grant
Battery Storage
10 Panels
1 Hybrid Inverter
5.8 kWh HV Battery
Hot Water Diverter
More Info

4.32 kWp Hybrid System

3,000/SEAI Grant
Battery Storage
12 Panels
1 Hybrid Inverter
5.8 kWh HV Battery
Hot Water Diverter
More Info

Installing Solar PV with Solar Generation

Now that Solar PV systems are more affordable, we have a genuinely sustainable energy choice suitable for all of the people of Ireland. For your home, business or your farm, Solar PV technology can provide energy which will reduce your costs and your carbon emissions. Future proof your home or business from ever rising energy costs using this affordable, reliable & proven technology.

Firstly, Solar PV systems generate electricity and reduce the amount of electricity you import. Our systems have an average payback period of 7 years.

Employing a renewable energy system will enhance your BER (Building Energy Rating) and increase the value of your property.

With our design expertise, you can install monitoring and control systems that make your solar PV system more effective and allows you to understand how you use your electricity.

Solar PV systems have no moving parts and are essentially maintenance-free. The rain gives them a wash periodically.

When you register your details with us, we will give you a call to organise an appointment with one of our solar consultants. Have any questions? Contact us for prices and information for your home or business.

We will survey your home and give you a quote according to your requirements.

If you decide to go ahead with solar upon our consultants visit, a technical survey will be conducted before any installation and you’ll be consulted by our installations team on available installation dates that suit you.

Saving on energy bills, saving the planet and grants available to homeowners.

How it Works

We are a recognised premium installer for Solax. We install the X-Hybrid, X1 & X3 range of inverters. Check out our video which explains how the inverter works!

We source and supply a wide range of products

We source and supply a wide range of products

Elaine Garvey
January 11, 2022.
Efficient, reliable and stress-free. Solar Generation’s assessment of the suitability of PV panels for our home was well presented and included information on how and where they sourced the panels. Once we agreed to go ahead, the installation process was extremely efficient. The work was completed skilfully and carefully with no delays. We are very much looking forward to the benefits the PV panels will bring to our home.
January 10, 2022.
Impressive and Totally Professional From the initial meeting with Steve and his proposal submitted , to the efficiency of the highly coordinated installation, and the quality of the 'back office' (including the SEAI application), I found Solar Generation to be of the highest quality throughout. Many thanks to you all, a superb job. Tom Hatton
PJ McNiff
January 10, 2022.
Five star plus company Solar Generation is probably the most efficient company I have ever dealt with. They were very professional in and out full installation done in a day and a half leaving behind a very tidy and neat job. I have to compliment Steve on the way he completed his presentation and took his time to explain everything so well to our son who has a hearing impairment. I found all the people I dealt with Steve, Raymond the installers the electricians and Caroline in the office all very professional, supportive and very efficient. System working very well and we are looking forward to long sunny days.I would highly recommend Solar Generation to anyone thinking of getting solar pv panels.
Shane Kennedy
January 10, 2022.
Very happy with the installation and… Very happy with the installation and process
Emmet Wrafter
January 10, 2022.
Excellent service Excellent service. Very short time from decision to go ahead and the fitting. Fitting was really quick, the team were very neat and tidy. Information and support before and after has been excellent.
Ingrida Kalasnikova
January 10, 2022.
From start to finish Solar Generation… We want to say big thanks to all team for excellent, fast, good quality work. From start to finish Solar Generation have been excellent to deal with! We had contacted a number of companies but found Solar Generation to be by far the most professional and knowledgeable whilst remaining extremely competitive. The work was carried out with minimal disruption and we are already seeing the benefits. Thanks to everyone at Solar Generation especially Steve & Conor!
Brendan McCormack
January 10, 2022.
I found the service to be of the highest standard I found the service to be of the highest standard. The system was explained to me in advance and all questions addressed. There was good support in making the application to SEAI for the grant. When the contact was signed, the panels were installed in a morning and the electrical system installed in a day. All the work was done professionally and the place left in good shape.
Wilma Goodwin
January 9, 2022.
Full marks for Solar Generation! My experience doing business with Solar Generation is very positive from start to finish; from the initial visit to after-sales service. I dealt with approximately seven different people, all excellent at their job; not pushy, efficient, mannerly, clean spoken, and easy to have about the house. The process all happened very quickly. The roofers were here half a day and the electricians most of the next day. Caroline in the office sorted out all the paperwork and the grant money came through to our account a few weeks later. We had one small problem afterward, which was no reflection on Solar Generation or their workmanship. However, the issue was dealt with promptly and without any hassle. As a result, I am very happy to give Solar Generation full marks for aftersale service. As for the working of the panels, I am absolutely delighted. Just up approx. 7 weeks, in the dullest time of year, the difference has been noticeable. It is lovely to have so much hot water and I am very excited about the brighter weather coming in - they will be just amazing!
January 7, 2022.
Installation of Solar Panels in my house I contacted Solar Generation in August enquiring about solar panels. I had a very prompt response and a meeting was arranged at my house a couple of days later. Steve, the director of the company called to my house and spent an hour and a half with me talking through what my needs were, answering all my questions and making some suggestions for the installation that would suit my needs. He also gave me costs of various options. He checked out the layout of my house and took photos for working out the amount of solar electricity I would be able to generate, and later that afternoon Conor sent me a full quote and comprehensive data on what I could expect on a month by month basis for solar generation. I was happy with the quote and data and decided to go ahead with the installation. Ray, an electrician and installer called to my house a couple of days later to check out the wiring and where would be the optimal place to run cables, locate my battery and inverter. A week from my initial meeting with Steve, my panels were installed on my roof within a few hours. I was away on the day, so had arranged for the wiring to be completed the following week. The electricians turned up promptly the following week, took me through the app and gave me my logins before I went to work and by that afternoon my solar panels were fully operational. I found all the staff at Solar Generation to be professional, helpful and efficient. They also organised an assessor to complete my BER assessment (that I paid for separately) and all paperwork was completely promptly so I was successful in obtaining the SEAI grant for my system, which I received within the 6 week timeline they had stated. The system itself has been great, and my electricity bills have dropped. I expect to be almost fully self sufficient from February-October, and my solar panels will provide a smaller portion of my electricity from November - January. However because I will be producing a surplus, I expect that the new feed in tariff for my summer surplus will offset my winter bill. I would be happy to use the company again in the future if I was increasing the number of solar panels I have or installing an electric car charger.
January 7, 2022.
Fast efficient and personal service Fast efficient and personal service . Panel’s working as described. Would highly recommend

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