Our Product Selection

At Solar Generation, we exclusively install market-leading products that have proven their reliability. Our offerings come with extensive warranties and are sourced from reputable, industry-leading manufacturers.

Our product range reflects the latest advancements in the industry, ensuring that our customers always have access to the latest cutting-edge technology.

Explore the categories below to discover the specific products that make up a distinctive Solar Generation solar system.

Please note that for commercial projects, we recommend specific models of panels and commercial string inverters based on the individual requirements of each project.

Solar Panels

The heart of your solar system, these panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity and are built to last for decades.

Commercial Solar Inverters

Essentially the brains of the whole system, the inverter plays a crucial role in your home solar system by converting DC electricity from solar panels into usable AC power. Solar Generation offers a wide range of inverters to suit various needs. Explore our selection and consult with our expert team for any inquiries.

Energy Storage Solutions

Enhance your solar setup by adding a battery, enabling you to reduce your monthly power bills and maximise your solar system’s efficiency. We offer a modular battery storage solution to keep your home powered during nighttime or power outages.

Monitoring & Analytics

Powering your business from the sun? It’s reasonable to want to see how much power your panels are generating, and how your home uses energy.

Solar Generation offers market leading monitoring and analytics.

Some of the brands we use

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