In Ireland, even in less sunny years, we receive 70% of the sunlight that Madrid, Spain gets. This, coupled with a 70% reduction in solar technology installation costs over the last decade, has made solar energy an increasingly attractive option for homeowners in Ireland. By installing residential solar PV system, homeowners can take control of rising energy expenses while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

The Potential of Domestic Solar

Earlier this year, Minister for Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten introduced grants for roof-mounted solar panels, emphasising their role in the decarbonisation of Ireland’s electricity supply. Brian Denvir of the Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) highlights the significant potential for domestic solar PV in Ireland, especially as the costs of solar modules and supporting battery storage technologies continue to decrease. It’s envisioned that in the near future, solar panels will become a standard feature on every household.

Today, a considerable portion of new homes incorporate solar PV systems, as Irish building regulations mandate a share of a new home’s energy to be sourced from renewable sources. Solar PV emerges as one of the most cost-effective solutions to meet these requirements.

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