Due to COVID-19 and in the interest of public safety, all of our home-sales appointments are temporarily suspended. We will now be carrying out Virtual Solar Consultations.

Simplicity & Trust

Going solar with Solar Generation couldn’t be easier — with many of our services virtual and data-enabled. We are here to help with all aspects of the residential grant application and to keep you informed of all the benefits for commercial installations.

A quicker process

With virtual solar consultations, we can provide quicker assessments on your home or business solar energy needs.

Everything you need, under one roof

We’re one of the first solar installers to provide every service you’ll need all in one place.

Technology-assisted solar installation

We use tech-enabled tools such as drones for roof surveying pre and post installation.

Remote PV Design Software

Based on your roof’s unique dimensions and layout, our revolutionary PV design tool technology allows Solar Generation to design a custom home or business solar solution in minutes. We will ensure the solar solution matches your unique requirement and energy needs.

Our software will use your roof’s individual profile including:

– Shading
– Pitch
– Sun exposure
– Roof obstacles

Through the use of PV design software, we are able to calculate how much electricity your home or business will generate and save by having Solar PV installed.

Health & Safety

Solar Generation’s priority is the health and safety of our customers and employees.We are committed to reducing the risk of COVID-19 while still enabling people to use this time to consider the benefits of solar for installation at a more appropriate time.

Phone and Video Sales Consultations

During this time all of our field sales force can conduct virtual home consultations for customers utilising video-conferencing technology and electronic documents.

SEAI Grant Update

“Whilst already heavily subscribed for 2020 the grant remains in place, we can assist with applications to ensure that grant assisted work can be completed once things return to normal!”

To schedule a consultation please contact us!

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