The growing demand for renewable energy will form a crucial part of Ireland’s new climate action plan overseen by Minister for Communications, Climate Action, and the Environment. Minister Richard Bruton emphasised the importance of ensuring that the source of energy for electric vehicles is clean, highlighting the necessity of moving towards sustainable energy sources like solar energy, wind farms, including offshore projects, despite the challenges involved.

“There is no doubt that if we want to decarbonise our economy we are going to have to change things,” Mr. Bruton said, acknowledging the need for significant investment in renewable energy infrastructure. While renewable sources of power may come at a higher cost initially, the long-term benefits far outweigh the environmental damage caused by fossil fuels.

However, the government’s decision to block a Climate Emergency Bill aimed at ending fossil fuel exploration in Ireland has sparked criticism from opposition figures. People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett condemned the move as “sabotage of the democratic will of the Dáil,” while his colleague Bríd Smith accused Fine Gael of holding their climate bill “hostage.”

Solidarity TD Paul Murphy also voiced opposition to the government’s plans to introduce a carbon tax, warning of substantial protest and emphasizing the public’s lack of trust in the government’s environmental policies.

As discussions continue on the proposed carbon tax and other measures to tackle climate change, it’s evident that the need for urgent action is paramount. The upcoming climate report by the Oireachtas Communications, Climate Action, and Environment Committee will play a crucial role in shaping Ireland’s environmental policies in the years to come.

We’re extremely excited to read the upcoming publication of the Climate Action plan. The growing demand for important renewable energy technologies such as Solar PV are likely to feature throughout the document.

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