Fantastic News for Homeowner’s Seeking Solar Installations in Ireland

In a move that will be very welcome to the Irish public, twenty credit unions across the country will soon be rolling out funding to help homeowners massively improve their energy efficiency.

This move follows on from a pilot scheme that was run by a couple of credit unions last summer.

The Pro Energy Homes Scheme (PEHS) will offer loans of an average €10,000 with the average spend of the building reaching €15,000.

This on top of the €3,800 grant already available to Irish homeowners will see a massive push in the installation of energy saving solar PV systems and battery storage.

With the ever increasing electrical demand and the massive increase in Electric Car ownership. There has never been a better time to make a switch to Solar Energy.

Credit unions involved in the expanded scheme include 10 in Dublin, two in Wicklow, two in Limerick, one in Kildare, three in Galway and one in Louth. And while this scheme runs for a limited time into early autumn, Credit Union Development Association chief executive Kevin Johnson said the lenders are making long-term commitments to supporting energy sustainability.

The solutions Centre will take control of the fund and customers are urged to contact their local credit union for further info.

One thing that a credit union will need is some info on the solar system that you intend on pursuing. Solar Generation can make sure that you are fully advised on what is available and can spec up a system to future proof your home and business well into the future.

Contact Solar Generation today about a solar PV installation with a battery pack to dramatically reduce your bills.

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